About Us of penguins & elephants

 The joy of itinerary planning and the idea of keeping our travel adventures all at one place, we started our travel blog of penguins & elephants


our very own travel diary


Since I've been a little child, I wrote travel diaries every time my parents took me on vacations. For every trip I got a new booklet, which I still keep at home in a big box. I wrote about what we did every day and collected flyers, post cards and stickers in it. With this blog, I am pleased to  have all my diary posts at one place. 


spending hours planning future trips in detail during a cozy afternoon


Planning trips has always been a pleasure to me. Looking for affordable flights, matching trains and things to do is my way to spend a cozy afternoon. I would never go somewhere before researching the destination for hours. Some say it's stupid, but that's just the way I like to travel: all organized and set up. Therefore, I am happy to share our stories and my itineraries with you!


my better half & walking library


Chris can always answer my questions and knows a lot more about politics, history and economics than I do. He is my walking library as well as the best travel partner I could ask for! In his posts, he'll give you some background information about our - and maybe also your - travel destinations.


As Chris is the hard working one of us, he has limited time to travel the world, in fact, he has 30 days off per year - that's why we plan our trips and vacations a year in advance. We try to squeeze in as much as possible, planning around bank holidays and going for weekend trips.

not about posing & pretending


We do not wanna create another boring but stylish looking travel blog. This is not about becoming the next must follow Instagram stars. We do only want to share our travel stories and memories with you. There is no posing and pretending and we won't take any staged pictures of our breakfast, we'll eat instead. And we still hope you'll like our posts. 


organizing & planning


I am an organizing talent and bargain hunter. I find ridiculous cheap travel deals online, but I would never start negotiating prices at markets, that's what Chris does. For me, bargain hunting doesn't mean sleeping in ugly hostel rooms to save that money. It means getting the best deal for what we want. And we want pretty things!


Before even boarding the plane, I have planned ahead for the whole trip. I know about all needed transportations, our accommodations are completely booked beforehand, I have planned our route, the sights to see and things to do. Sure, this is not the kind of travel for everyone, but it is the way we travel. 

our kind of traveling around the world


We love staying in beautiful (but reasonable priced!) hotels, airbnb's and traditional farms, while hostels and sofa couches are not the thing for us. We love driving around independently and by ourselves to stop whenever and wherever we want. That's why organized bus tours and huge tours are not for us. 


We love delicious food, trying traditional dishes and eating out, while we avoid All-Inclusive-Resorts and "All you can eat" restaurants. We prefer secluded and pretty beaches, but also like beach clubs, sometimes (if it's not the party ones). We love exploring and road tripping our destinations and do also like relaxing at the pool, but we wouldn't stay in a resort for the whole vacation. 

Enjoy reading our stories ♥

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