travel guides

There are so many ways to travel. While some might prefer All Inclusive Resorts and spending the whole vacay at the hotel pool, this is not the way we spend our holidays. Chris and I like to explore, go on road trips and take part in adventures. We want to learn, to grow and to overcome challenges during our trips. When visiting another place of the world, we not only wanna see the sights, we want to see their way of living, eat their local dishes and feel the way they are communicating and living. 


You are welcome to immerse yourself in our travel guides and see, if you like to travel the same way we do. We are very happy to give you inspiration or even give you our detailed travel itinerary for your next trip. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a mail.




One of the activities I enjoyed most during our winter road trip through Iceland, was warming up our cold bodies in the hot water - a very cool you can only enjoy in Iceland.